Rona Shaffran: “Susan Olding edited my memoir. She is exceptional! Susan`s suggestions were brilliant, sensitive and incisive. Her review of my work heard far more than the words on the page, adding depth and clarity to my storyline. Susan was generous, sending me pages of broader, thought-provoking comments, in addition to her excellent and pertinent textual comments.  She kindly provided me with her comments in a timely manner, to meet my tight deadline. She was lovely to work with—humorous, warm and charming. It is my great pleasure to very highly recommend Susan as an editor.”

David Chau: “Susan has always been supportive of my writing: from my first tentative steps in a workshop class to motivating me to continue writing when I wanted to quit and to inspiring me to pursue writing more seriously. I could not have done it without Susan’s encouragement and invaluable feedback.”

Colleen Pellatt: “Susan was an ideal writing mentor, generous, supportive, insightful and knowledgeable. She taught me concepts that pushed my thinking without providing specific solutions, allowing my creativity to flourish as I found the answers to improving my manuscripts. She was a perceptive, close reader who cared about my characters as much as I did. I highly recommend Susan as a writing coach and mentor.”