Desperately Seeking Susans

Edited by Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang

Though many anthologies purport to establish a new canon, Desperately Seeking Susans simply luxuriates in the ridiculous surfeit of talent we can find in not only Canadian poets, not only female Canadian poets, but female Canadian poets named Susan. Included in the anthology are works by: Sue Goyette, Susan Gillis, Susan Elmslie, Susan Telfer, Susan McMaster, Susan Andrews Grace, Susan Holbrook, Sue Stewart, Susan Glickman, Sue Chenette, Susan Musgrave, Susan Briscoe, Sue Macleod, Sioux Browning, Sue Sinclair, Susan Olding, Susan Ioannou and Sue Wheeler.

Praise for Desperately Seeking Susans

“I was all but utterly enchanted by the range of talent and content, as well as multiplicity of poetic forms, that Tsiang managed to bring together into one unified piece of work. … an anthology of this nature has a crucial role to play in bringing a strong feminist voice to the forefront of Canadian poetry.  One of my favourite (and at this stage in my life, most trusted) credos is that “poetry is inherently political”.  By that standard, Desperately Seeking Susans is proclaiming something about women in Canadian culture, and we owe it to ourselves to listen.” —Vancouver Weekly