You Think You Know Me…

But You Have No Idea.

A Reading and Discussion with Sarah Leavitt at Novel Idea Books, Kingston

Wednesday, July 20, 6 pm


Most readers will confess to mining the details of their favourite novels for evidence of the writer’s life. Switch out one gender for another, add ten years and relocate a character to another province or territory and we’re all but certain that the writer is talking about his or her first love, a parent, an old boss, maybe a child.

What, though, of the non-fiction writer and the memoirist? What of the people we’ve come to know only through a very focused view of their world? Do we take for granted that we know something about them? Do we as readers in a sense fictionalize non-fiction writers, creating heroes and, in some cases, villains? What do we really know of the non-fiction writer?

Please join Sarah and me as we read from our respective works and chat candidly about the figure of the nonfiction writer.

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