The Protégés Publish

Kingston WritersFest is now showcasing new work by Thalia Danielson and Meg Erb, the students that Lawrence Scanlan and I have mentored for the past six months as part of the inaugural Merilyn Simonds Protégé Project.


Meg will also appear (and Thalia’s work will be presented) in Festival Event # 34, Viva Voce! Join us on Saturday, October 1 at 2:30 pm for what promises to be a rousing set of performances by local youth, introduced by the Queen of the Brilliant Line, Ashley Elizabeth Best.

But that’s not all. Back in July, at Kingston ArtFest 2016, Thalia and Meg gave public readings in Bruce Kaufmann’s Poetry Tent. Bruce subsequently aired those readings on CFRC’s Finding a Voice, and you can listen to them on the September 2nd podcast. 

Bruce also interviewed both young writers and hosted on-air readings on August 19th, 2016. Again, you can find this broadcast on his website by date. Thanks, Bruce, for welcoming these talented teens to Kingston’s writing community.

Last, but certainly not least, enormous thanks and kudos to the tireless and devoted Hugh Barclay of  Thee Hellbox Press, who generously collaborated with Meg and Thalia to produce their first book! It is called 2 Voices. Produced in limited copies on beautiful handmade paper, with illustrations by Thalia Danielson, and hand set in part by both authors, it is truly a work of art. If you are lucky, you might be able to purchase a signed copy from Hugh, Meg, or Thalia.



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