Pathologies a Top Ten Pick in Kingston WritersFest’s Canada 150

Pathologies by Susan Olding

And a hundred and fifty thanks to those who nominated and then voted for my book!

This list has to be the most eclectic I have ever seen. The titles alone make for fun: Far To Go sits next to Fatty LegsLullabies for Little Criminals bumps against Making Bombs for Hitler. And face it, on what other list will you find kids’ books next to cookbooks next to…Pierre Berton’s Cats I Have Known and Loved?
What does this mean? A party! I’ll be on stage for a brief reading from Pathologies and the Handmaid’s Tale (another top ten pick). There will be some conversation with a few other writers, and following that or before there will be free snacks, cake, and cash bar.
Date, Time, and Place: 7:30 pm, Wednesday, November 29. Holiday Inn, Kingston.
Join me to celebrate if you can. And feel free to bring friends, partners, or interested-hangers on. This event is  open to the public.


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