On the 70th Anniversary of Virginia Woolf’s Death

Thanks to Shawna Lemay for the link to this article, “Literary Haunts,” in The Independent, written by Woolf’s great-niece, Emma Woolf:

“In the end, perhaps it’s best to let the writer’s words speak for them. A century after she went “street-haunting” in London, you can still find Virginia out there. If I choose, I can put down my pen right now and walk to the Cock Tavern on Fleet Street. As newlyweds in 1912, Leonard and Virginia rented rooms at nearby Clifford’s Inn and took their daily meals at the Cock Tavern. The ideal place, then, for a 70th anniversary toast to Virginia Woolf.”

My essay, “Library Haunting,” is an homage of sorts to Woolf’s “Street Haunting.”

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