New Reviews at Prairie Fire

I have four new reviews posted at Prairie Fire Review of Books. Most pertinent for this blog is the review of Anne Simpson’s The Marram Grass: Poetry and Otherness.

“The Marram Grass begins with a precise and lyrical description of a walk that Anne Simpson regularly takes with her dogs. She describes the appearance of the land in all seasons and describes the wildlife she discovers there, including a barred owl that seems to stare through the boundaries of skin and bone into her soul. The subject of boundaries and their permeability reverberates through the six essays that follow, and images of nature, such as the owl, mirror and embody the experiences of mutual recognition and interconnectedness that Simpson sees as the gift of art.”

Also, you can find reviews of Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer’s Perfecting, Billeh Nickerson’s McPoems, and Matt Rader’s Living Things.

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