Where I’d Rather Go

Edited by Tyee Bridge

Where we’d rather go. Where is that? Usually we don’t know. We seek. Try our best guess. We take wrong turns, convinced that the thing we want most is out there, somewhere, in the distance. And sometimes, what we want — or need— seeks us out.

In Nonvella’s second anthology, three great writers reveal their transits into unexpected realities. In East Detroit Chris Koentges encounters devotees of a literally oddball sport called featherbowling, and finds comraderie, hope and intimations of eternity. David James Duncan travels from his backyard trout creek to the Orion Nebula and back again, outing himself as a closet mystic. And Susan Olding appraises the heroine of Tolstoy’s epic Anna Karenina—as she confesses and contemplates her own affair with her legal ethics professor.